Vicki Townsend
Vicki Townsend


Vicki is an honest and caring Christian lady. She is so helpful and highly recommend her work!
Janette J.
Vicki is hardworking and knowledgeable. She doesn't mind going the extra mile to do things right!  She's very easy to work with and her honesty is quite refreshing.
Jeffrey B.
I highly recommend working with Vicki Townsend.  She's a great person with a big heart. She's very trustworthy and honest.
Julie W.
Vicki Townsend is passinate and professional lady who knows the area.  She's extremely knowledgable about the current market and trends. Very detail-oriented which will make your transaction seem effortless.  Vicki will connect with you  to find out what makes a home perfect for you. Vicki should be your go-to person....I highly recommend her.
Erica G.